Upset Prevention Recovery Training – UPRT

Upset Prevention Recovery Training – UPRT

The aim of the UPRT Training is to identify the threats for potential undesired aircraft states, define the different states of undesired aircraft state, and learn mitigation strategies and recovery techniques. An additional flight simulator training is mandatory.



120 € TTC


12 months




EASA references:

EASA NPA 2015-13; EASA Part ORO FCL 230
FAA AC 120-111; OACI Doc 10011 AN/506
“Airplane Upset Training Recovery Training Aid” Rev3

Recurrent training for:

Flight Crew Members
All type of aircraft


65 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module content:

1. Introduction
2. Characteristic Events
3. Aerodynamics, Modern Jets Key Elements
4. Causes and Contributing Factors
5. Prevention of Upset
6. Recovery Techniques
7. Conclusion

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