Safety Management System

Safety Management System – SMS

This courses focuses on Safety Management Systems in aviation.
SMS is a set of policies and procedures to assure the safe operation of aircraft. It is designed to improve safety by identifying hazards, collecting and analyzing data, continuously assessing safety risks and seeks to proactively contain or mitigate risks.



90 € TTC


1 year




EASA references:

ICAO Annex 6
Doc 9859

Recurrent training for:

Flight Crew
Crew Ground Staff
All type of aircraft


45 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module content:

1. Definition & Scope
2. Safety Definition
3. Accident Causation
4. Accident Classification
5. Historical Background – Era of Aviation Safety
6. SMS 4 Pillars – Safety Policy & Objectives
7. SMS 4 Pillars – Safety Risk Management
8. SMS 4 Pillars – Safety Assurance
9. SMS 4 Pillars – Safety Promotion
10. Emergency Response Plan
11. Integrated Safety Management
12. Safety Culture
13. Just Culture
14. Role in an SMS – Threat & Error Management
15. Role in an SMS – Competencies
16. Role in an SMS – Reporting Scheme

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