Human Factor & Cabin Crew Ressource Management

Human Factor & Cabin Crew Ressource Management – HF CCRM

Cabin Crew Ressource Management (CCRM) is the effective management available resources to mitigate a situation that may occur in the cabin while maintaining an effective liaison with the flight crew. To fulfill CRM recurrent training requirements, the course topics are divided into 3 modules to guarantee that the training content is repeated within a 3 years period.



60 € TTC


12 months




EASA references:

AMC1 ORO.CC115 (e)

Recurrent training for:

Cabin Crew
All type of aircraft


50 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module content:

1. Introduction and Typical HF Accidents
2. Crew Resource Management
3. Threat and Error Management
4. Human Performance & Limitations
5. Crew Mental Abilities and Limitations
6. Human Error and Reliability
7. Communication
8. Cultural Differences
9. Crew Composition
10. Incident Reporting System

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