Aviation Security – AVSEC

Aviation Security – AVSEC

This course focuses on security in aviation including airports, passengers, and cargo as well as in-flight security. It is based on ICAO and European standards and regulations and provides understanding of common rules to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.



120 € TTC


36 months




EASA references:

EC Regulations 300/2008 EC Regulation

2015/1998 AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(a) ICAO Annex 17 Doc.8973 Doc.9734

Recurrent training for:

Flight Crew Cabin
Crew Ground Staff
All type of aircraft


90 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module content:

1. Legal Framework for Aviation Security
2. Acts of Unlawful Interference
3. Objectives & Organization
4. Obligations & Responsibilities
5. Access Control Procedures
6. Identifying Potential Security Situation
7. Responding to Security Incidents
8. Inadmissible Passengers & Deportees
9. Confidential Communications
10. Responding to Hijacking

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