B737NG Overview (lite)


Aviation training is of paramount importance to assure high safety standards. At IXO Aviation, we believe that learning should be accessible for free to all pilots preparing a type rating (initial, revalidation, additional).

For that reason, we are pleased to offer you one of the most popular airliner jet free self-study. Indeed, we have decided to develop a B737 review study guide covering all 15 chapters of the B737 FCOM (Flight Crew Training Manual). The objective is to give free access to pilots looking at a review or in depth study for their B737 type rating without wasting time searching through manuals. But please understand this B737 Systems Review Study Guide cannot and doesn’t constitute either part or complete B737 NG type rating. Please consider the following free B737 systems-review as a B737 pilot training support only.

ATA 23


Full course

ATA 24

Electrical Power

Full course

ATA 27

Flight Controls

Full course

ATA 28

Fuel System

Full course

ATA 29

Hydraulic power

Full course

ATA 33


Full course

ATA 49

Auxiliary Power Unit – APU

Full course

ATA 52


Full course

ATA 70


Full course

Brighten your aviation future.

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